Consulting services for a residence or a nursing home

We offer consultation services to help you find a facility that meets both the highest standards of quality and your personal needs. This service provides you with a multi-faceted evaluation and a concise list of facilities specifying the range of choices available to you.

Your GerontoLogis consultant will perform a complete evaluation of your needs, taking into account the condition and requirements of your loved ones.  As part of the comprehensive evaluation at GerontoLogis, we make every effort to include family members and caregivers.  During the initial consultation, your consultant will make a preliminary selection, as well as provide information pertinent to a residence or care facility and determine which services need to be implemented to meet your immediate needs or your long-term objectives. 

Your consultant will have relevant resources for services such as professional organizers and movers. For other resources click here.

Your consultant will coordinate and accompany you on visits to the residence(s) and may be present, if needed, at the signing of the rental contract.  Once the contract has been signed, a follow-up will be performed on the first and third months to determine your satisfaction.  Upon request, the follow-up report will be sent to the reference person.


“Gerontologis was very helpful and offered wonderful guidance in finding semi-autonomous living accommodations for mom. They took the time to visit numerous facilities with us and they helped us determine which would be the best fit for mom’s needs at that time. When mom’s needs changed, Gerontologis once again guided us through the many choices of residences that could handle all of her growing needs, offered advice and helped us make an informed decision. During such a stressful time, it was wonderful to know that we weren’t alone.”

  1. -S. Bernier

“You have been a godsend in guiding us during this difficult transition time so please know that my sister and I truly appreciate all your efforts in finding what is best for my mother.”

- C. Savic

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to you for helping us find a new home for our Dad. Your expertise and knowledge along with your compassion and understanding of what we were looking for was invaluable to us in matching us up with the residence we choose.”

  1. -L Zwicker

“I cannot tell you how happy I am with my mother’s move. You have simplified a very complicated and frustrating situation. You provide an awesome service and were terrific to work with.”

  1. -K Pearson

“I recently had the opportunity to work with you to find a care home for my 93 year old mother. You were terrific. We found a great place within our budget. You knew your stuff. And you went way beyond what I expected. But having said all that, the best experience I had was driving in your Leaf.”
- R. Caplan

“I want to say thank you for helping my parents find a new home. Thank you for your patience, your efficiency, your understanding and your kindness. I don’t know how we would have done it without you. We think the world of you and are very grateful to you. Hope our paths cross again”.

  1. -A. Slawek

“You took a huge load off my shoulder - suggesting three possible residences from a long list provided by the hospital; explaining their services; setting up appointments and accompanying me on visits. We finally chose one and we fell good about our choice.”

  1. -M. Gibb-Clark

“Your expertise was greatly appreciated. Your calm demeanour was noticeable  in the first phone call. You listened to our concerns and developed a wonderful rapport with my 90 year old father-in-law. We were able to find an excellent faciility with your help. You went above and beyond with phone calls and emails; always quickly responding to any questions we had. Your knowledge is extensive. I highly recommend your services to help find the perfect residence. Thank you very much!”

- S. Klar


Questions for the Caregiver
Is It Time to Move (caregiver).pdf

Questions for the Senior
Is It Time To Move? (senior).pdf

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